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Have you done your Financial Planning ?

Financial Planning you need for your future need like Children Education,Children Marriage,Fund for Financial Emergency and Relaxed Retirement planning . If you are financially sound and think you no need money in future that could be a wrong thought, Financial Planing is need of everyone, would help you in emergency like marriage, health problems and any others.

Financial Planning is helpful to you as well as your family needs like new Flat,Investment in land,Foreign Tour or Financial help to relatives.Financial Planing as early you do will give you highest returns in long term.

You should also consult a Financial Adviser can help in smartest financial planning in your limited goal period.Ask us anytime for you a suitable and smartest financial Planning.

Why we should avoid Personal Loan and go with Mortgage Loan : Personal Loan is seems to be easy and fast disbursed by Banks and Non Banking Finances but actually it is most expensive and short term loan where mortgage Loan is available for upto 15 years and rate of interest is 12.50% per annum.                                                                                                   Most of us not compare the mortgage and personal loan rate of interest as well as other features i.e term,minimum pre-payment charge So think twice in future if you need loan in emergency youcompare the both or ask us.

Why Home Loan is better than paying Rent

Home Loan is much cheaper than paying rent as per calculations . Paying rent is useless instead of taking home loans and pay EMI to the bank is cheaper.Suppose you paid 10 years in rent ,it means there is no value of rent you paid nor you get in returns from the rent after paid rent.

Home loan is available from 9.50% annually as per your loan eligibility on your financial capacity to pay the monthly EMI. Simply suppose you earning 20000/- per month in hand salary or business income so your loan eligibility is 50% of the (10000 Rs )   you can pay monthly EMI.

If you have another side income can be considered in home loan eligibility. Another side income should be on paper means valid proof on income must be there.Invisible income or invalidate proof of income could not be  considered in Home loans.

Why you need a Life Insurance First ?

Life is unsure .So please have Insurance to make it sure. Life insurance is mostly sell to customer only about maturity and risk cover.

But life insurance is mean if breadwinner of a family is no more after insurance he had so life insurance company can give sum assured + Policy premium + Bonus to his/her family. The family of life insured will not get the person back if insurance is there , but financial loss of family could get a relief to them if if right and compatible insurance bought by bread winner of family.

Always insist for compatible insurance according to monthly salary which could give you a sufficient maturity at the time policy completion.In technical language life insurance must be minimum 25% of annual salary or business income, in other words insurance world called it human value insurance ratio.

Savings is a good habit.

Savings is a necessary need of every family. We (Indian) are the best example of savings. Many of us doing savings in past days in traditional way in Post office through Kisan Vikas Patra, Recurring Deposits and Savings Deposits .Nowadays Private banking sector has churn this investing system from Post office to private banks in Recurring deposits, Savings Accounts and Fixed Deposits in banking sector, due to lack of good services in Post office and lack of necessary technology and infrastructure in post office.Private banks is giving better service compare to post office where customer are serving in good manner . But sometimes customers are also victim of miss-selling of Insurance and other products.

Through a lot of changing in savings manner of customers are still having of good habit of savings.Savings are focused and intentionally to get used in future of Children education, Children marriage and purchase of new property. Savings is a good habit and saves us in future from loans and borrowing from relatives.Savings is a tool protect us in several needs like emergency and personal requirements.

Why you need a Financial Adviser

Financial Adviser is an expert in Financial Management and as well as certified by various institutions.Financial Adviser having experience to guide their customer where to invest and why to invest in Mutual Funds and why to have Life insurance for family bread winner and other family members.

Financial Adviser is nowadays a need in busy life to manage all financial needs and planning for future goals.Many financial adviser is charging their consultation fees for financial planning and advisory.

Some of Financial Adviser is not charging because they want their customer to get benefited by investing in various financial products.It is all about give and take.As per our assumptions if we succeed to get benefited our customers will automatically promoted and looking forward to invest more and more in financial products.

Many of us hesitate to contact financial adviser for financial consultancy.Actually we all are so busy to get financial awareness and sound knowledge about financial products.So lets awake and known about our financial needs. 
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